The Way Forward Is Back!


In this book, the author contends that the widely-believed Theory of Evolution, today's dominant world-view, is backwards! Not only is there a Creator, but the direction of change in the human condition since whenever the beginning was has been predominantly degenerative for the worse, not evolutionary for the better! While there have been some very impressive developments in technology, the health, intelligence and virtue of humanity have overall and generally declined, and that is why degenerative diseases have increased and health care become so exorbitantly expensive, corruption in all great institutions has become so rampant, people have lost the intelligence and virtue to do things right to such degree that many say these are "last days," "end times'" etc. as breakdown of nations and societies appears imminent! But the author doesn't just whine about the problem, he offers the solution- Bio-Spiritual Regeneration, working on the positive side of natural law to move ourselves back towards as good as the Creator originally made and meant us to be! For those who don't want to waste their time going down false roads of "evolutionary improvement" like trans-humanism and progressivism, Bio-Spiritual Regeneration is the true way forward! The author acknowledges that many are now offering something that has some value for achieving some degree of Bio-Spiritual Regeneration, but has written this book to offer what he has found to be the most comprehensive, complete and most effective program of total Bio-Spiritual Regeneration that anyone has yet come up with, for those who want a better life and a better world! And this program is very simple, common-sense, self-help and dirt cheap, so that virtually anyone can readily do it and begin immediately reaping the benefits. Of course beyond our personal lives, we are all enmeshed in the political and economic system, and the author also offers his "regenerated" perspective on what sorts of political and economic reforms


Joe Alexander
Paperback | 176 pages
140 x 216 x 10mm | 231g
Publication date
23 Sep 2015
Outskirts Press
Publication City/Country
United States
Illustrations note
black & white illustrations